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Donna and her mobile – Sunday 14th October

Sheffield City Opera reprise their groundbreaking opera mash from last year ‘La Donna e Mobile or Donna and her Mobile’.

This time it will be staged in the industrial chic surroundings of Burton Road’s Yellow Arch Studios, complete with real bar.  This happening place is a natural setting for SCO’s edgy contemporary piece.  It’s also a technology-friendly setting for the multi-media input that drives forward the action.

As in traditional opera, mischief and mayhem abound In Sheffield City Opera’s production.  Except that here the mischief-makers are internet trolls.  Their weapon of choice : the mobile phone.

The opera’s light-hearted title LA DONNA È MOBILE OR DONNA AND HER MOBILE’ reflects the comedy of errors that fills the  piece.  However the opera has its darker side too. ‘Online bullying can ruin people’s lives’, says SCO Director Matthew Palfreyman.

The lovers in this opera are almost destroyed by malicious postings and thoughtless sharings on social media.  It’s a problem of our times powerfully explored here through the energy of opera.

First SCO created a new story.  Then they took traditional arias and choruses and made them spark in startling new ways.  The opera is sung in English with an up-to-the minute contemporary slant.

It’s a traditional tale of heroes, villains and thwarted love.  However the real star of the show here is the mobile phone.   The action mainly takes place in Des’s Bar, the hottest place in town.  A sparkling cast of characters includes party-goers and a group of mobile-toting women – edgy sisters bent on bother.

If you missed it the first time, punch the date into your phone.  It’s the hottest show in town.

Two performances: 3:30 pm and 7.30 pm, Sunday 14th October 2018

Yellow Arch Studios,  30-36 Burton Road, Sheffield S3 8BX

Tickets available on the door or for reservations call 07583 030801. General admission £10. Students and under 18’s £5.