Orpheus in the Underworld By Offenbach (November 2006)

SCO’s production was a brand new version of this popular comic operetta, featuring the uproarious and sexy CanCan dance. The story of mother’s boy Orpheus and his gorgeous but unfaithful wife Eurydice, is played for maximum laughs in this production by Director Sylvia Jackson and Musical Director Terry Hobson.

When Eurydice falls for the dashing god Pluto, she is promptly whisked away to Hades, hotly persued by all the gods and goddesses from Mount Olympus. The operetta is packed full of Offenbach’s delightful music to make you hum along to and lift your spirits – as mayhem breaks out on stage!

The cast includes young high soprano Helen Appleton singing the role of Eurydice, whilst her wimpish husband is artfully played by tenor Tristan Walker who is a wel-l known performer in the North Notts area. SCO perennials Christine Ayres and Melvyn Osborne played Calliope, Orpheus’ bossy mother, and Pluto the King of the Underworld – Mr Smoothy himself! Making her debut with SCO, Debbie Michaels sang the role of Diana the seductive goddess of hunting, whilst Helen Anker was a languid Venus. John Goepel was the weirdly pathetic Styx. Talented teenage tenors Robin as winged god Mercury and Luke Simnet as the pilot Icarus represented the youngest members of the company.