Concerts Cuts and Sits


  1. Opening 7 bars of prelude are in but then cut to the L’istesso tempo 3/4 on page 3.
  2. Still prelude…. at the end of Turiddu’s last Ah! (page 6) jump to the last 3 bars of the scene on page 9.
  3. Opening chorus scene, first 9 bars are in (piano only Pete) then cut to the ff 8 bars before the first chorus entrance (page 12 schirmer score).
  4. Then there is another cut from towards the end of page 12 to the very end bar of page 13 but I will have to explain that.
  5. Scene and arrival of Alfio….end of the 12th bar cut to two whole bars before Santuzza’s entrance.
  6. Possible small cut (page 100) before Santuzza and Alfio duetto.again I will explain that one.
  7. Scene chorus and Brindisi……opening cut up to the poco meno (page 115).

Chorus stand and sits.

  1. Stand before opening chorus (Gavin to dictate)
  2. Sit at end of Regina Coeli scene in orchestra close (page 69) (member of chorus at front to lead)
  3. Stand before opening of Chorus Brindisi (page 115) (Gavin to dictate)
  4. Sit on page 132 after alto and soprano line (chorus member to lead)
  5. Stand on page 144 in loud orchestra moment before the Allegro kicks in (chorus member to lead)