Costume Update

Cavalleria Rusticana

Principals – Joan will provide these, but if Nigel & Karl could provide their own black trousers that would be great. If you have a coloured shirt that would also be good, but she can find you one if you need it.

Men’s Chorus – You need your own dark trousers & either a white or coloured shirt – with a neckerchief if you wish. Alternatively, you can add a scarf, muffler or jacket. Joan has a few suitable shirts if you are struggling

Ladies’ Chorus – Joan has a very large stock of peasant skirts, peasant/gypsy blouses & shawls for anyone who has not already got their own. If you have got your own & are unsure if it’s suitable or not, ask Joan.

A headscarf or bandeau for your heads would also look good if you have them – but if you don’t wear one you need a mantilla or bit of lace or cloth to cover your head in the Church scene with the Easter Hymn. No posh frocks at all. It has now been agreed that even dressing them down won’t work, Everyone needs to wear skirts and blouses.

HMS Pinafore

Principals – Joan will provide these.

Men’s Chorus – As previously stated: dark trousers & white open necked shirts. You will be provided with narrow ties.

Ladies’ Chorus – Full length posh frocks with appropriate gold, silver or coloured jewellery or chokers, NO DIAMANTE.

Joan says the key words for these dresses are “modest and demure” to fit in with the principals & the Victorian/Edwardian era. No backless or strapless & if your dress is sleeveless you need a shrug, bolero, cardigan or little jacket to cover your shoulders. Again if in any doubt, ask Joan for advice.

Sunday 3rd November

Joan is coming to Ebenezer to help sort out all costumes. Everyone should have their costume sorted & know what they are wearing by this day

Joan is available to see people at these times:

1.30 Principals: Can you please arrive ahead of the rehearsal at 2pm to have a costume fitting with Joan

2pm – Ladies’ CHORUS
Please can you come ahead of our rehearsal at 3pm to sort out your Cav costumes. Joan will be in the basement with all the skirts. blouses, shawls, scarves etc so you can pick your own. If you only need some of these things, bring what you have to match up. Let Joan know if you are short of anything or aren’t sure if what you have is ok.

Finally, Audrey has asked if people with cars would be willing to help take the costumes back to Joan after the concert on 27th. Please return all borrowed costumes to Audrey after the concert and let her know if you can help transport them.